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WeSLAM Presents: 1st Preliminary Slam (feat. Safia Elhillo)

From WeSLAM:

WeSLAM hit the ground running this year with our first ever slam showcase. (Missed it or want to re-live it? Check this awesome vid, courtesy of Reid Hildebrand ’14.) But now, it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for…


12 poets. 2 rounds. Who will take the first four spots in the 1st Semester Grand Slam? Come watch these poets battle with beautiful words TOMORROW in Fayerweather 106. We’ll start things off with an open mic at 7:30pm, then the slam will go down at 7:45pm. Anyone is welcome to slam, regardless of experience (click here for details). You’re not going to want to miss this. And we don’t want you to either.

But that’s not all. For the first slam of the semester, it’s go big or go home. So to feature for y’all, we are bringing in Safia Elhillo, currently ranked 7th in the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Warning: Safia will spit hot fire. She will throw punches. Bring a friend; you’ll need hir hand to squeeze real tight. Check her out here.

Head to the Facebook event page for more info.

  • WHERE?: Fayerweather 106 (below Beckham Hall, in the Hogwarts-esque building near Usdan)
  • WHEN?: TOMORROW (Sat., 10/1); signups @ 7:15pm, open mic @ 7:30pm, slam @ 7:45pm (slam slots are first-come-first-serve, so get there as soon as you can!)
  • WHY?: Because it’s gonna be awesome.

Anything Goes Open Mic Night With WESU

WESU 88.1 FM is hosting an open mic night at The Buttonwood Tree every first Monday of the month, starting this Monday, October 3rd.

Some performers from Middletown’s favorite non-commercial radio station will bring their songs and poetry to the stage but anyone is welcome to sign up and perform.

  • Date: Monday, October 3
  • Time: Signups at 7:30 PM, performances begin at 8
  • Place: The Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main St.
  • Price: $3-5 donation suggested

Challah Sale!!!

Cassandra Garvin ’14 hallas:

Come to Challah for Hunger’s first sale of the semester! We will be selling plain ($5) and apple, walnut and honey(!!) ($7) — there will also be some without nuts.  For completing an act of advocacy (come by to find out more!), you will get a $1 discount! The proceeds from the sale will go to aid in Darfur and local hunger relief efforts. Come early, cause the delicious challah will sell out quickly!

(Please keep in mind: unfortunately, we can only accept cash, not points or middletown cash)

Date: Oct. 2 – Oct. 2
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Olin Foyer Benches

Gap Year Student Lunch

Nikki Dodd ’15 writes:

Took a year off before coming to Wesleyan? Have some awesome stories to share? Want to meet the other folks who took gap years? (We hide among the masses…)

Date: Oct. 2 – Oct. 2
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Place: The Nics lounge


Ava Luna looks to be one of the most promising bands emerging from Brooklyn right now. Mixing soul, rock, and even elements of electro, their songs boast impressive and unpredictable dynamics, implemented to a high degree of virtuosity and taste. Three talented female singers, Dirty Projectors style, add frosting to this aural cake.

Spanish Prisoners, with their catchy, psychedelic-pop sound, are set to open. They have a few songs to download at a flexible prices at their bandcamp. Home team Treasure Island are set to open, their first show since kickin’ ass n’ takin’ names at Wye Oak. The show is slated to start PROMPTLY at 8.

Basically, this show is shaping up to be one of the low-key best showcases on campus so far this year. Everything should be over by around 10:30, so if you got night plans, you can make ’em too.

Facebook Page.

  • Date: Friday (today) September, 30th
  • Time: 8pm-10:30pm
  • Place: WestCo Cafe
  • Totally: Free

Capoeira on Foss

Nemo Allen ’12 writes in:

What is capoeira? (CLICK!)

Holy shit, it’s the most amazing thing ever. More specifically, it’s a martial art form, originated in Africa, disguised by slaves as dance in colonial Brasil.

I’m looking to start a Wesleyan Group, so come through at 4 p.m., regardless of experience level.  Make sure to wear suitable clothing.  I’ll teach an introductory class, and then we’ll make a roda! (CLICK AGAIN!)

Party in Pink (Zumbathon®)

Zumba queen Hannah Monk ’12 wants to rally ya:

Join us for a fun packed, 1.5 hour Zumbathon® charity event on Friday, September 30th 2011 to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure!  Instructors Deb Cook, Anita Dempsey, Stephanie Bascetta and Special guest instructor JOSE NAVARRO will lead.

Fundraiser open to members and non-members!  100% of ticket sales and profits from Zumbawear® will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and its global nonprofit partners through the global Party in PinkTM movement to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and community outreach programs.

Dink 583 @ Muho Tonight

Do you frequently wear cargo shorts and fitted caps? Do you remember hiding the Mark, Tom, and Travis Show from your mom because they used the word “fuck” too many times? Did you ever think the “All the Small Things” video was a witty and pointed parody of pop music? Do you like Wavves but think Nathan Williams may be too much of a whiney, insecure peen to justify listening to his music? Did you think Greenday was cool until they got all eyelinery and righteous? Do you think jokes about poop and/or blowjobs are funny?

If you answered yes to any of those, and probably if you answered no to all of those, you will freaking lose your mind watching Dink 583 play nearly a dozen and a half of Blink 182’s most catchy, vulgar punk pop gems tonight at Music House. The band has honed its show since last year, anchored by new drummer Kevin Reis ability to keep up with Travis Barker’s frantic pace and singer/guitarist Jason Katzenstein’s authentic So-Cal accent. Adrien DeFontaine plays bass. All are ’13.

  • Date: Tonight– Thursday, September 29th
  • Time: 10:30 pm
  • Place: Music House (on Wash)
  • Take Off: Your Pants and Jacket

Trap Haus

From Don-Christian Jones ’12:

Yup, you right, we don’t have sex anymore.  Well, if we do, it’s for money and that’s our own business.  Come party @ The Trap Haus and dance ‘til the floor collapses.  Gucci Mane on the balcony makin’ it rain.  Jeezy said he might come through.  Polish your timbs, press your polo.  Ladies, get fancy.  Hair done, nails did.  Please get your weave on point!  NO OFF POINT WEAVES ALLOWED.  Mo’ money, mo’ problems but if you got it, why not flaunt it?  We ballin’ in this recession.

Sincerely Yours,


DJ’s include:

Goodhead (Don-Christian Jones ’12 / Charlie Hanna ’12)
J666n (Jason Kilbourne ’14)
Sly1z  (Sam Lyons ’12)
HARRISON SCHAAF (Harrison Schaaf ‘11)

*Doors close at Midnight

*RIP Aaliyah


Ben Taren ’12 is a filmmaker, Katie Silver ‘12 is managing his film, and YOU are (potentially) his star:

Do You Want to Become Locally Recognized? Come to Auditions! For A Film! No Experience Necessary!

Are your parents proud of you? Make sure, by trying to be in a film. OPEN Auditions are being held for a senior film thesis Friday September 30th in Albritton 103 from 4-6 and Sunday October 2nd in Usdan 110 from 1-3:30.

Looking for two college-age male leads.

Come in expecting to talk about yourself and do a short cold read, no experience necessary.

Movie description: Imagine the love-child of Batman and Eleanor Roosevelt

Questions? Want to audition but can’t make either time? Email Ben Taren at

Date: Sept. 30th and Oct. 2nd
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm on Friday, 1:00pm – 3:30pm on Sunday
Place: Albritton 103 on Friday, Usdan 110 on Sunday
Who: Dudes.