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SciLi, Clark, Hirise, LoRise, Nics, Butts, Hall Atwater. Also the street lamps on Church. Report in if you have power!

EDIT BY BZOD (11:33 PM EST, 10/31/11):

Hey folks! I’m appending some updates – including a listing of what does and does not have power around Middletown – to crash‘s post, past the jump: 

…the Great Redaction


It appears that our previous post was a bit too optimistic… given the disappointing nature of the “latest update from Connecticut Light and Power” (via Rothocalypse), classes will be CANCELED tomorrow(!) Accordingly, “food will be available for students who remain on campus, and the Science Library will remain open as a shelter.”

And so the saga continues… we will continue to update as events warrant. Full text of all-campus email follows after the jump. 

Outage Map and Plea from P ’14

This note from Jerry P ’14 has appeared in our inbox a few times. If you’re on campus reading this and have any info, get in touch:

Hey, There is a kid visiting the school today but when he got to school the admissions office was closed. His cell died, so his folks are really worried. If anyone has met Alex Pillsbury from California (a high school senior) could you post something on wesleying, or email me at books(at)mtpress(d0t)com so that I can tell his mom. Thanks. Jerry.

In other news, according to the Connecticut L&P outage map, 93% of Middletown customers remain without power and Mayor Guiliano is suggesting MTown trick-or-treaters stay home tonight. Cromwell is at 51%. Escape to New Haven if you can—apparently WesKids have already taken over the Yalies’ main haunts. Stay warm.


Woohoo! ...sorry, buddy.

It appears that the beginning of the end is near.  Rothocalypse brings us the inside scoop on our tribulations thus far, and the promise of classes tomorrow.

And here I was, just settling into the warmth and comfort of a rival library in New Haven…

Without further ado, the update from the man himself:

Dear friends,

As you probably know, the weekend’s snowstorm has wrecked havoc with many of the power systems of the region. In particular, the Connecticut Light and Power electrical grid has sustained unprecedented damage, and the Middletown area has been without electricity since Sunday afternoon. This has left Wesleyan without power in the central campus area for the first time in memory. We have backup systems for emergency lighting and for our servers, which have functioned properly. Medical services are available at Middlesex Hospital, and Public Safety is available to any students in need of assistance. We have provided a shelter area at the Science Library and have been serving meals at the Usdan University Center. Sandwiches will be available at Usdan today from 2 to 4 pm, and we will provide further information about meals pending restoration of power.

We are working with local officials and our own engineers and are hopeful that power will be restored to the central campus area sometime this evening. This will happen in stages, and there likely will be interruptions — a normal part of the process. Supplying electricity to the wood frame houses and the surrounding area will take longer, and we will send information in this regard (including places on campus where students may stay) in the next 24 hours.

We do anticipate that classes will be held Tuesday.

The aftermath of the storm has been challenging, and I am grateful to the staff, faculty and students who are all pulling together.

Yours truly,

Michael S. Roth

If you’re out there (part 2)

…and you still are aware of the few internet spots on campus, here’s a couple more heads up:

  1. RIGHT NOW (12-2) – WesWings, free hot food, free coffee, free charging station for cell phones.
  2. Sci Li remains open, snuggle parties 4eva
  3. Mamouns (the falafel dude) is still prowling in day time. If you have cash, perfectly good time to sink into warm food and onion rings and shit.
  4. Still not much info about when the power will be back on – sources cite IMS as saying Thursday most likely, other sources still hopeful on tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Price Chopper remains open and with power; if you don’t have a car, it’s actually walking distance. But if you do choose to walk, plan accordingly – when it gets dark, man, it gets dark out there.
  6. I spotted an AT&T generator unit out on Lawn – I presume AT&T now has connection, Verizon has always had connection, and T-Mobile I’ve been told has resumed connection.
  7. Anybody has any updates on Usdan? Does it remain open for warmth and snuggles?
Yeah, so – right about now is the time when the hot water reserves in your house/dorm tanks run out. But don’t worry; cold showers are a great way to wake up, and according to my metro-fabulous roommate this summer (EP’10, you know who you are), is a great way to clear up your skin follicles, producing a nicer glow. Case and point: the Scandinavian people. But make sure you get into warmth ASAP – the temperature dropped pretty bad last night, but has since risen to a pretty manageable level.
To parents who are concerned: don’t worry. There hasn’t seem to be any accidents and injuries of note (or so I have heard of, speaking to as many people as possible), and food and warmth and company and shelter are of adequate supply. The school is working as hard as they can, affiliates of the school are being amazing people (YUHHH WESWINGS 4 LYFE), and the Middletown services and community has been fantastic.
If you’ve fled Middletown or have contacts back in here, please post down at the comments the facts of the situation – for the peace of mind of the parents, and for others. If you’re aware of anybody who’s looking for their kid, please give a hand. And if you’ve shuttling out of Middletown temporarily, do stock up and if you can, distribute essential supplies. (Screw dat Hobbesian state of nature!) If you know of any developments in the situation, do let us know.
Anyway, as for yours truly, not even Mother Nature will stop me from writing my thesis. Give me the plague, give me locusts, but I will finish this bad boy. And if you need some company or whatever info I have (though, frankly, I can’t spare my food rations), feel free to hit me up – I live on the top of Home, on the left.
Stay warm and stay together, folks!

No Class, No Power, No Heat, No Internet, No Problem

Governor Malloy: “It’s a pretty difficult situation in Connecticut right now; we have more power outages than at any time in our history.”

Title says it all. Campus remains dark, powerless, and unheated, but at least we’re getting  a snow day out of it. No one quite knows when power will be restored—it may be as late as Wednesday or Thursday, but we’re hoping for the best. Governor Malloy declared a state of emergency, says over 800,000 homes are without power, many of them in Middlesex County. (“This is the largest number of power outages that we have ever experienced,” added the governor.) At this point, maybe 20-50% of upperclassmen (myself included) have managed to leave campus. Those somehow still reading this at Wes: stay warm. Keep on keeping on. Happy Halloween.

To the concerned parents reading this: your child is most likely fine, albeit tucked under a hefty pile of blankets (perhaps even in SciLi). Be warned that he or she probably has no easy way of getting in touch with you, considering there’s still no way to charge phones or computers on campus, and internet access is spotty or barely existent at best. No news isn’t necessarily bad news. As one student reported in Wesleying comments earlier today,

If anybody is out there

Persevere. If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that AirWes still works in some pockets. You probably already know the important stuff:

  1. Sci Li’s open at 4pm for people with unreasonably cold residences. Camping time!
  2. The power will probably be out for another 24 hours at least – (very) amateur estimates go between 24 hours to 1 whole week, but then again, they’re amateurs for a reason.
  3. Weshop was open for a little today, taking cards but not cash. Not sure whether the same will be the case tomorrow.
  4. Price Chopper is open, last I heard.
  5. Some things on Main Street are open, last I heard. Rite Aid, particularly, but sources say that cash only, no credit.
  6. Stay away from the power lines and fallen trees.
  7. Some word is going around that a couple of the dorms have sockets that work – but numbers of such sockets are sparse. I can’t confirm this to be sure (my source was dubious), but if there’s any out there, and if you’re in the vicinity of one and you’re reading this, do let campus know.
  8. The power outage is affecting the whole of Central Connecticut, so I hear. New Haven isn’t hit, Hartford isn’t hit.
Take care, and do keep safe, Wesfolks. In due time, we’ll be back in classes, and bitching about homework. For now, cuddle around – this is probably a really good opportunity to make new friends, and strengthen the bond with old ones!

Check Out the Writing Certificate’s New Writing Courses!

This semester, the Writing Certificate is offering new courses that might interest you:

Please note that the first three courses are Permission of Instructor. Applications are due by Friday, November 4th at 5 P.M. See details on WesMaps.

Kim-Frank University Writer in Residence Professor Amy Bloom will offer two courses, including WRCT 260: Reading and Writing Fiction II, a reading- and writing-intensive course that focuses on character, structure and plot, sentence structure, development of a strong and idiosyncratic voice, the role and history of the narrator, points of view, and writing with meaning. For the WesMaps description, please click here. Bloom will also teach WRCT 256: Writing For Television.

Koeppel Journalist Lawrence Roberts, winner of three Pulitzer Prizes, will teach WRCT 261: Topics in Journalism: Disruption, Truth, and the Future of News. This course explores how the Internet is at once a powerful tool and a disruptive force for American journalism. The course will consider case studies of the present and past, including the rise of the penny press and yellow journalism in the 19th century, the underground anti-war newspapers of the 1960’s and cable T.V. news in the 1990’s. For more information, please click here.

Koeppel Journalist Martha Raddatz, ABC Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, will teach WRCT 262: Topics in Journalism: Foreign Affairs. The course will cover war and conflict internationally. The course will have an unusual format, meeting in five half-day classes on Saturdays during the semester and including a trip to ABC News Studios in Washington DC. For the WesMaps description, please click here.

Israeli Filmmaker Dani Menkin will teach HEST 230: Israel on the Road: Making Road Trip Films with Filmmaker Dani Menken. The course is a practical script and directing master class in making documentary and fiction road trip films. The course will be analyzing in depth the making of Dani Menkin’s award winning films. Lessons will include: behind the scenes discussions on the “journey of the filmmaker” versus the “journey of the characters”; writing and critiquing scripts: analyzing other international award winning road trip films; reading, reviewing and analyzing Dani’s script-in-progress, co-written with best-selling author and writer, Eshkol Nevo. We will participate in the process of bringing this script to life for filming this coming spring. For more information on the course, please click here.

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