Introducing: The Rooks

Good afternoon, Weskids!

Now I know you might still be trying to wake up from your 13-hour weekend slumber/13-hour rage-a-thon-with-a-fuzzy-purple-pogo-stick, but I highly encourage you to pop an aspirin, grab a cup of coffee and huddle over here because I’ve got something shiny and new for you today.

Sexy beast extraordinaire Garth Taylor ’12 (which, as you may or may not know, is a housemate of AJ “Big Bird” Hinds ’12 and whose smooth, smooth shows with Mad Wow tickles my knees), writes in to tell us about this new band he’s been jamming with: The Rooks. The band is composed of Mr. Taylor, Gabe Gordon ’11, Graham Richman ’11, Louis Russo ’11, Nate Mondschein ’12, & Spencer Hattendorf ’12.

Want more info? Click here, or check after the jump.

When asked about the music they make, they had this to say:

“Simply put, The Rooks are an anomaly. Birthed from the Wesleyan University music scene (of MGMT, Das Racist, and general indie-rock fame), this group of recent graduates finds their home within the sounds of soul, funk, and R&B, while simultaneously incorporating the pop and indie sensibilities that surrounded them throughout their college days. Drawing from an eclectic catalogue of influences, from the melodic sensibilities of Stevie Wonder, to the staggered hip-hop backbeats of J Dilla, to the vocal intricacies of the Dirty Projectors, The Rooks are creating a sound that you probably haven’t heard before; but somehow, it still feels like home.”

As of right now, they’re in the middle of scheduling shows around the NY/MA/CT area – though nothing on campus so far. (Though I’m willing to bet that if you’re willing to offer the right kind of trade they’ll belt one out for you in a WestCo bathroom stall)

If you like what you see/hear/taste, check out their Facebook page here, or click here and here for more cool shit.

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