Do you meet with your Sanskrit discussion group for tea and conversation on Friday nights?

We’ve come to learn more and more how tremendously hilarious college rankings are, and here’s a new one to get you through the wee hours of Sunday night.  Unigo, whose founder might just happen be an alumnus of this fine institution, recently included Wesleyan on its list of the most “Intellectually Endowed” Schools in the country.  The Huffington Post has taken that ranking and turned it into one of their amazing slideshows, deeming us one of “The Brainiest Colleges.” Rather than just copy and paste the text, however, I’ll take the liberty of relaying the information in the style of our precious Admissions website:

Are you…“driven, hyper-intelligent, and liberal-minded”?  Do you question…“every single thing in society”?  Can you not just…“go with the flow and accept life the way that it is“? Do you “harbor a strong…desire for knowledge”?  Does work…come first?  Is there no…“pressure to go out and party”?  Do you not spend all four days of reading week…partying?

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