Josh Smith & The Concert Gs Release The Reach EP

Josh Smith & The Concert G’s are a Wes-born band who, since their formation three years ago, have played consistently sold-out shows here, and nothing less. Today, they have something to share with you:

After months of hard work (and three years of hoping, wishing, and talking) we are thrilled to let our debut album, The Reach EP, out into the world – but especially to Wes, the community that made this band what it is. Wesleyan has been our home for so many years, and if it wasn’t for the love we found there — from our early shows in Music House to the final 450+ person blowout in Beckham last spring — we probably wouldn’t still be doing this. We can’t thank you enough for your constant support and inspiration.

We’d like to think the album sounds something like New Orleans’ French Quarter had a play-date with the darker side of neo-soul, and instead of staying home and playing video games, they took a field trip to Brooklyn and learned how to rap.  You can download it on our Bandcamp site. And head over to our homepage to read our bio. Hope you enjoy! And look for us back on campus sometime in late fall.


Josh Smith & The Concert Gs

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