Musical Thesis Film AUDITIONS – Singers, Dancers Needed

So you think you can dance? Sing? Act? All at once? In front of a camera?

Come try out for this year’s ONLY musical film thesis, featuring an original screenplay and score, lots of bright lights, fame*, and fortune.**  THE PLOT: A girl is trapped in a musical fantasy land by her loving but delusional boyfriend, and she must come to terms with him and herself to escape.  It’s kind of like this. With less blood. And more musical references.

TWO lead roles, one male, and one female.  FOUR supporting roles, of any gender. Leads do not need to dance, but supporting cast members DO.  Please come even if you can dance but not sing – dancers are needed.

Auditions are this Friday, October 7, from 5:30 to 7:00pm in the Jones Room of the CFA Theater and Dance studios (TST 101). If you can’t make it and really want to audition, contact Adrian Rothschild ( to schedule another time slot.

Come prepared to sing something (preferably from musical theater, but really anything you feel comfortable with), and tell a bit about yourself.  No monologues / script reads required.  And if you intend to dance, prepare something short (or improvise).

You are all beautiful.

Date: Friday, October 7
Time: 5:30-7:00pm
Place: TST 101 (Jones Room, CFA Theater and Dance Studios)

*Fame is not assured, but probable.

**Fortune implies spiritual, not financial gain.

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