S&C Closed Monday, Open Tues, Wed, Thurs

The Star and Crescent will be closed today, Monday the third.  I have been told by the stewards, however, that S&C will reopen tomorrow. The menu for the rest of the week is as follows:

Tuesday Oct. 4th
Lunch – Flank Steak/ Vegetable Burrito
Dessert – Blackberry Yogurt

Dinner – Green Salad w/ Tom vin, Tadka Dal w/Basmati Rice
Dessert – Banana Cake

Wednesday Oct. 5th
Lunch- Tomato, Basil, Smoked Gouda Frittata w/or w/out Bacon
Dessert- Fresh Fruit

Dinner- Green Salad w/ Toasted Parmesan vin, Lasagna w/Beef & Italian Sausage orVeg w/ Roasted Portabella and Marinara
Dessert- Chocolate Cake

Thursday Oct. 6th
Lunch- Broccoli Cheddar Ale Bisque w/ Herb Focaccia
Dessert- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dinner- Green Salad w/ Red Wine Vin, Puerto Rican Rice &Beans w/Chicken or tofu
Dessert- Ginger and Molasses Cake

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