Download the New Flora and Fauna EP

Flora and Fauna, composed of Adam Gunther ’11, Matt Bernstein ’11, Charlie Ellis ’13, and Casey Baird, have recently released its latest EP, White Nights/Up All Night. The band is perhaps best known as last year’s Spring Fling openers, playing songs filled with guitarmonies, dynamic rhythms, and damn catchy Strokesy/Televisiony/Carsy (take your pick) choruses.

My personal favorite track is “White Nights,”  a song that covers a lot of sonic territory in a little over 3 and a half minutes while remaining hooky though not an overt pop song. It’s a deceptively hard kind of song to write, and FloFa have kilt it.

The band tees they all wore during Spring Fling were awesome. If you know a member of the band, nag them to make me a t-shirt. Thx!

Check out past EP, Want U 2 No/Continental Parties.

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