The End of the Occupation

And like that, it was over. No, I’m not referring to the burgeoning poster child for popular disaffection that is “Occupy Wall Street”–that, my friends, is still very much alive and well. Instead, I refer to the occupation that recently resided at the top of Foss.

Not shown: blankets, cardboard

Though the physical occupants had abandoned the camp over a week ago–in light (presumably) of the worsening weather–a stack of blankets and cardboard signs had remained, through rain and shine, a reminder of the impending fall of the capitalist-industrialist-militarist-etc. system/complex/what-have-you. While this blogger appreciates the aims of the protesters and sympathizes with their cause immensely, the site had, admittedly, become an unwelcome bit of blight.

Notwithstanding the general disrepute of a pile of mildewing blankets, the clump had additionally been mistaken for a collapsed man/woman, according to various eyewitness accounts (albeit from nighttime revelers).

So, what has happened to the pile? Has the revolution succeeded? Or did it fall out of favor with the International? We may never know…


Missing: pile of debris.

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