Post Creative Classifieds

Anonymous Artistic-type ’12 wants you to post some classified information (kinda):

Need crew for your film? Actors for your play? Musicians for your band? Collaborators for your meta-installation?
Let people know. Post some classifieds here.

[Note: this particular blogger is baffled by the picture submitted. Maybe a ‘meta-installation?’ Feel free to explain it to hir in the comments.]

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2 thoughts on “Post Creative Classifieds

  1. Sienna

    This is the Denver convention center bear! Walk past it on my way to the Denver Athletic club…. Everyone always gives directions based on “the building with the bear”. Just a little Denver landmark I guess!! :D 

  2. Anonymous

    The picture is a statue outside the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, so . . . artistic. And it’s a bear peeking in a window, so . . . classified?

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