Have You Seen This Dog?

His name is Killer. Killer belongs to two Wesleyan professors. He has been missing since yesterday and is wearing a Home Again tag. He is a very sweet dog and is greatly missed! If you know where Killer is, please contact russellhouse(at)wesleyan.edu.

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4 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Dog?

  1. Anonymous

    Now that this situation has been happily resolved, I feel perfectly comfortable saying this might be my favorite Barbara post ever. You go, B. Feeny!

  2. Kit

    He’s back, everybody, thanks to Aaron who lives on Brainerd Avenue; he caught the little rat running around on Lawn Av., phoned the number on Killer’s HOME AGAIN tag– he’s microchipped– and the company put Aaron and Killer and me back in touch. He went home with a student BEFORE we got the microchip and got busted– the animal control person had just popped him into the doggy jail truck which was, fortunately, parked in the Butts parking lot.

      1. Kit

        me too. Twice in two days; he’s pissed off about being stuck at the vet after the lights went out because it was warmer there than it was here in the house.

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