TONIGHT’S Re-return of Dink 583 at PINE: Less Dick, More Dink

The 15 minute long initial reunion of Dink 583 occurred at Music House last week. The Facebook invite advertised, “Taking off your pants and jacket.” As many of us know, the band and crowd got more than they bargained for when two strange middle-aged men showed up and one of them got completely naked and started shaking his private parts at bassist Adrien DeFontaine ’13.

Guitarist Jason Katzenstein ’13 was unperturbed, and continued singing “Man Overboard” (a face-palmingly appropriate title). The effect this course of events had on Dink’s crowd was a bit like watching this Youtube video in reverse. Dink stopped playing shortly afterwards, as Middletown PD were called into action.

The good news is that the show got Dink 583 a ton of well deserved hype! The trio are set to play TONIGHT in the backyard of Pine/Cross/Fountain. Facebook event.

  • Date: Tonight, September 7th
  • Time: 10:30-12:00pm
  • Place: Backyard of Pine/Cross/Fountain
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