NYT Mag on Wes alum Mike White ’92

Happy Saturday, Wes! While Colby harasses our boys in Red on Andrus Field over something that looks like a brown oval-shaped melon, I’m writing this from the sweet serenity of opening hour Pi Cafe.

So, setting aside the whole eyebrow-raising Black Swan v. Film Major Alum issue that came up a few weeks ago (click here for dramatic reenactment), there are indeed some nice tales for those who pass through the halls of Mdm. Basinger’s Center for Film Studies to hear.

Mike White ’92, writer of such films as Chuck and Buck, School of Rock, and Nacho Libre, recently had himself profiled over at NYT Mag. The piece, presumably prompted by his upcoming 10-ep HBO series “Enlightened” that’s set to premiere this monday, gives us a very brief tour through Mr. White’s life and mind; it explores, at some length, certain fascinating facets of Mr. White, like his surprisingly deep bond with reality TV (fun fact 1: he was a contestant on The Amazing Race in one of the show’s more entertaining seasons) and his tough collaborations with FOX.

(Fun fact 2: The director of School of Rock, Richard Linklater, is the same Mr. Linklater who directed the ethereal philosophy textbook Waking Life as well as two of my favorite films of all time: Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I am a sap I am.)

So, if you’re a film major in need of some role modeling, or just somebody interested in Mr. White’s exploits in general, or even somebody just lookin’ to kill some time on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, you can go on and click here for the profile.

[Thank to Big Mama Rachel Levenson ’12 for the tip!]

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