“Work Sucks!” (“I know.”)

let’s go / don’t wait / this night’s /almost over

They’re baaaaack.

No, not the 50-year-old clothing-optional Middletown dudes with the hip-swinging gyrations and open wounds. Dink 583, Wesleyan’s premier Blink-182 cover band, emerged from the shadows of the infamous “Man Overboard” Incident last night in a Pine backyard, belting out “All The Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again,” “First Date,” and that weirdly sad one about divorce (plus a bunch more) to enthusiastic moshers and spirited partyfolk.

Turns out the best way to keep away the au naturale older crowd is by having your show outside a senior house in pleasantly crisp sub-50-degree autumn-evening weather. Good going! (Not that that really keeps out the M-Town felons. Or the MPD.) (But that’s a story for another 3 AM g-chat sesh.) (Or not.)

Click on for a few additional photos (most of them are by Rachel Pincus ’13), an “Anthem Part Two” video clip, and some choice excerpts from “All The Small Things”’s weirdly long Wiki page.

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SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: things I learned by reading about “All The Small Things” on Wikipedia:

  • Tom DeLonge: “I wanted to write a song with na-nas in it, ’cause I love the Ramones. So I thought, I’ll write this song about my chick, and it’ll be an ode to the Ramones, too.”
  • “The line in the song about ‘roses by the stairs’ was inspired by a real-life night where DeLonge came home from recording and found roses laying at the top of the stairs.”
  • “Tom DeLonge stated that after production was done for the song, ‘we sat back listened, and got goosebumps. Chills.’ DeLonge predicted the song would be a hit on the radio, stating in the same interview: ‘I was like, “Fuck, radio will probably love this!”‘”
  • “The working title for this song was Babycakes Buttermuffin.”
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