Drinking? On a college campus?

Gotta love captions!If you remember this weekend, you might remember seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces around.  Schools around the country are closed today for a national holiday dedicated either to the gays or celebrating imperialist douchebaggery.   Thankfully, we get to stay on campus and serve as zoological exhibits for prefrosh to gawk at.  No, that creepy old dude is not stalking you.  No, that hot girl in the front row hasn’t been cutting all semester (maybe).

The Choice, our favorite New York Times blog, of course, loves to seize on days like this for priceless pieces.  Apparently prefrosh are encountering alcohol beverages at campus social gatherings while visiting colleges, and there is question as to whether they should partake in such hazardous activities or be sober, sensible human beings.  The author of the post never drank when visiting colleges, but maybe it’s best to experience campus social life without drinking.  Other than the caption on the right, however, one of the real kickers comes from a non-DKE Wes alum commenter:

Ah, the eternal hypocracy of Amerikuns!

Instead of teaching young people the pros and cons of consumption of wine and beer in the home environment that is made illegal! […]

well I remember my admissions visit to Bowdoin, where I was lodged with DKE’s from my hometown, and Saturday night in the then-male-only campus was a contest to get drunk and roll oneself down the [fortunately] carpeted main stair case into the foyer/living room.

I survived – as a spectator [and ended up at Wesleyan] and not as a DKE.

— megacephalus-berlin

“So Wesleyan.”

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