Senior Event Pass Sales

Seniors! It is officially time for us to partake in the wonderful Wesleyan tradition of romping about together at various delightful parties called Senior Events. Passes for these FIVE events will be on sale from October 10-20th and will cost $140. A pass guarantees entrance to all events and EVERY EVENT includes food, drinks, dancing, music and various other activities! 8% of the pass cost will be donated to the Senior Scholarship–a fund raised entirely by our class that will help send ONE worthy member of the Class of 2016 to Wesleyan!

Two events will be held in the fall and three will be held in the spring. The first event will be a rollicking Great Gatsby party with several live musical acts on November 16th and the second will be a Winter Formal held on December 12th.
Hurry and pick up your tickets, you beautiful fools–the sale times/locations are as follows:

Monday, Oct. 10: Usdan 12-2, Exley 7-9, Olin 9-11
Tuesday, Oct. 11: Usdan 12-2, Olin 9-11
Wednesday, Oct. 12: Exley 12-2, Olin 9-11
Thursday, Oct. 13: Exley 12-2, Exley 9-11
Friday, Oct. 14: Usdan 12-2
Monday, Oct. 17: Usdan 12-2, Olin 9-11
Tuesday, Oct. 18: Usdan 12-2, Exley 7-9, Olin 9-11
Wednesday, Oct. 19: Usdan 12-2, Exley 7-9
Thursday, Oct. 20: Usdan 12-2

Additionally, if you make a donation of 2$ or more to the scholarship fund you get a free pass to see any movie (including 3D) at Destinta that starts between 7 and 8pm this Friday, Oct. 14. Includes a free popcorn and soda!

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5 thoughts on “Senior Event Pass Sales

  1. anon '12

    GET ON YOUR SHIT AND PLAN A HALLOWEEN EVENT.  Gatsby and a formal?  What the fuck.


  2. Senior

    go figure they waited until now to tell us about when the first event is.. so pissed there’s no halloween event. who decided that?

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