Outing Club meeting and FALL FEST

Is this beautiful weather making you want to spend every waking moment outside? Come to Outhouse (132 High) on Wednesday (the 12th!) at 10pm and learn how you can make this dream a reality. We’ll discuss outings for this upcoming weekend as well as some UBER-AWESOME-SUPER-DUPER-EXCITING Fall Break plans.

Also coming up: FALL FEST!! Hang out in Outhouse’s awesome backyard on Saturday afternoon (1-4pm) and do all sorts of fall-y (and just generally fun) activities and eat all sorts of fall-y foods. There will be pumpkins. There will be music. There will be donuts. There will be apple-bobbing. And there will be slug-wrestling (aka attacking your friends in sleeping bags). Moral of the story: it’ll be fun.

P.S. If you’re interested in an environmental job for after your time at Wes, Green Corps will be having an information session in Usdan 108 on Thursday, October 13 from 7-8. Check it out! www.greencorps.org

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