Randy Newman –> Wes –> Parents’ Weekend –> Wat?

“You’ve got a friiiieeeend in… Green Street Arts Center?”

So, uh, this just in from my parents. Randy Newman P ’14, the legendary singer-songwriter and six-time Grammy winner behind Sail Away and other masterpieces (or, to some, the dude from that Toy Story song), is Wesleyan-bound on November 4th, the Friday night of Parents’ Weekend. Newman will be playing a benefit show in Memorial Chapel for the Green Street Arts Center, performing “songs from throughout his career in intimate solo piano arrangements.”

Tickets are on sale now: $25 for students, $50 for general admissions, $100 for “preferred seating and a signed CD.” Not so bad, when you consider that it’s Randy Newman and all proceeds go towards Green Street’s After School Arts & Science Program and your parents really want that signed CD anyway.

What-a-week for breaking-news visitors: Antonin Scalia and most of Sleater-Kinney and Randy Newman, oh my. Add to that list the uninvited Steven Spielberg-lookalike crashing Argus production night tonight (thanks for coming, P-Safe) and you’d have a hell of a Spring Fling lineup.

Click here for full concert details.

PS: Anyone want an unused Randy Newman 1978  Short People tour concert ticket? Only $59.99 on eBay. Proceeds probably won’t go towards Green Street. But who knows.

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  2. kamron krow

    Randy Newman upends narratives of victimization and reveals the drain of munchkinmen on our Welfare State

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