Vedic Astrology Club

Nemo Allen ’12 sees this coming:

Confused about your sign in light of last year’s astrological controversy? Would you like to know what professions would suit you, when and if it would be productive to study abroad, and what kind of partners you would do well to seek out—or stay away from? Are you Wesleyan?

Come to PAC 002 at 9:30pm this Thursday for the launch of Wesleyan’s Vedic Astrology Club! I will give a short presentation on the history of astrology—from Ancient India, Babylon, and Mesoamerica through to modern times—and cover the basics of horoscope reading.

And if you bring your exact time of birth, I might just do a reading afterwards.

The Horoscope of Condolezza Rice (C-C-CLICK)

When: Tomorrow, Thursday October 13

Time: 9:30 in the p.m.

Where: PAC 002

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