WestCo Cafe Rave: Middle School Dance

From Steve Jobs and Jason Kilbourne ’14:

Yo. This is Steve Jobs. Believe it or not, when I was in Middle School I was a G. Backroom passes, squeezin asses, you know the deal. But you? I saw you. Bein a lil bitch, doin homework, trying to talk to girls. Remember when I asked your crush on a date? Never called her again.

Well this is your chance to make up for bein a dweeb and come kick some ass at the WestCo Café this Saturday, Middle School Style. Fucking wilin’, fight-startin, ass-shakin, condom-wrappers-on-the-floor music you feel me fam? oh and slow dances.

10-11:20 Guy Fridge (UK Bass/Garage/Juke/Kuduru/Freshman)

11:20-12:30 j666n (Crazy House/Moombah/Baile/Bass)

12:30-2 Bastille (Wesleyan/Dancefloor/Legend)

This event is FREE, FUN, and SWAG. Come on time cause we gon’ reach capacity.

Date: Oct. 15
Time: 10:00PM – 2:00 AM
Place: WestCo Café

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