YallaWes Meeting, this Thursday

It’s a cold day out there, folks. And like most cold days, it’s a tough, tough day for Men With No Body Hair, like myself (but presumably not Zach, or A-Batte). Anyway, Miriam Buh-guh ’12 writes in:

This THURSDAY at 9 in Usdan 110 YALLAWES, a new group to increase campus awareness and dialogue about the Israel/Palestine conflict, is having a very important meeting! If you or your friends have wanted to get involved but haven’t yet had the chance this is the week because we are going to be planning out our schedule for the rest of the semester!

(For more info, check out the description after the jump)

Date:   Oct. 13
Time:   9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place:  Usdan 110

“…In addition to showing movies (look out for details!) and organizing speakers on relevant issues, the group intends to get together every other week or so for snacks and a more education-based meeting, in which different students will present to the others about an Israeli/Palestinian issue that the group wants to learn more about. This is a great chance for anyone whose ever felt that they wanted to learn more about the conflict, or knows a lot and wants to share with others, or is interested in hearing other perspectives beyond the basic narrative to do so in a small and respectful group of peers.

“So if you’re in a Middle Eastern studies class; are studying Arabic or Hebrew; lived, traveled or have family in the region; know the difference between laben and labena (or want to find out..); or are generally interested in constructively engaging with the complexities of the Israel/Palestine conflict, come THIS THURSDAY AT 9 TO USDAN 110. Hope to see you there! Yalla, bye.”

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