AEPi Fashion Blog Makes Long-Awaited Appearance

Alex Pack '14, one of the house's many fashionistas.

Following the stirring announcement of the Roosevelt Institute’s new blog comes another blog promising to tackle the challenging issues of our day: specifically, the fashion choices of the brothers of AEPi. Written by the mysterious “Sacajawea,” the tumblr has so far explored the styles of Alex Pack ’14 (pictured) and Matt Leibowitz ’14, with promises by the blogger to eventually cover every member of the house.

Accompanying the attached photo reads an astute measurement of Pack’s impeccable flair:

Alex was rocking out jewburban-casual style tonight:

defined by the standard cargo shorts and white adidas combo. The faded red on the grey t-shirt adds to the effect of this timeless ensemble, in a way that not only says “I’m committed to my old shirts,” but also says “……”

While I applaud this journalist’s groundbreaking work, I can’t help but notice the similarities in hir “Stay Sexy” sign-off and the “Stay Sexty ; )” of Sexty Five Pearl. Do I sense some possible intra-Wesleyan tumblr rivalry here?

Stay tuned for additional excitement here.

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