Wesleyan Transhumanists First Meeting

Transhumanism meatspace cognitive enhancement Anastasis Germanidis ’13 sensory augmentation nanotechnology wearable computing:

Let’s cherish our last few decades in meatspace by becoming located in the same room and by transmitting feelings of comprehension to one another while we map out and reflect upon our insane technological future.

If you are interested in things like

  • life extension,
  • artificial general intelligence,
  • simulated realities,
  • wearable computing,
  • the end of suffering,
  • nanotechnology,
  • brain-computer interfaces,
  • cognitive enhancement,
  • genetic engineering,
  • neurotechnology,
  • 3D printing,
  • sensory augmentation,

Consider attending.

Note: If you can’t make it to the first meeting but are still interested, shoot me an email at agermanidis@wes and I’ll spam you when it’s time.

Date: tomorrow, October 15
Place: Fisk 116
Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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