Friends of the Wesleyan Library Book Sale

Happening right now!

Sick of doing all of your recreational reading on your e-reader? Interested in supporting the Olin Memorial Library?

Head to the lobby of Olin to browse the 3500 academic and popular books for sale. Most are priced $1-$10 with better books $10-$20+. If you’re interested in the history of our grand university or the fine town it’s in, some old copies of Wesleyan newspapers are also available for sale.

Cash and checks accepted.

They need volunteers for the sale!  Contact libfriends(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for the deets.

Date:   Oct. 15 – Oct. 15
Time:   10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Place:  Lobby of Olin Library

Who ended up volunteering, you might wonder… Follow the jump:

From one of the sale organizers:

A big thank you to the Wesleyan Men’s Lacrosse Team for their awesome community service in moving hundreds of boxes of books for the Wesleyan Library book sale!!  Many more team members helped out than are pictured here.


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