IHOP Brunch

Happening right now, so if you’re rolling out of bed and wondering where your day’s sustenance is going to come from, head to Usdan 110.

Lucy Britt ’14 wants to feed you a diversity of pancakes:

Does $3 or a canned good for 9 PANCAKES sound like a good deal?  Did you know that Kenyan chappati and crepes are the best cure for hangovers?  If so, then don’t walk up those steps to brunch on Saturday – swerve left into Usdan 110 for International House’s IHOP Brunch.  Proceeds of one ticket feed a Kenyan student or teacher for a week!

Pancake menu:
French Hall – crêpes with Nutella
SHOFCO – Kenyan chapati
Russian House – Blintz
Earth House – Gourmet pancakes
Community Service House – American pancakes
Chinese House – Chinese pancakes
Japanese Hall – Okonomiyaki
Turath House – Middle Eastern pancakes
The Bayit – Latkes

Date: Oct. 15 – Oct. 15
Time:   11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Place:  Usdan 110
Cost:   $3

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