BetaBeat, Roth on Wes-Presence in Silicon Alley

So…we’re a little late on this piece of news (even President Roth beat us to it! what the hel…lloooo), but technology/digital culture news site BetaBeat ran an article a few days ago on Wesleyan’s presence in the tech world. The piece’s jump-off point was a recent event called “Digital Wes,” an alumni gathering in New York City for former Wes-folks involved the industry, in which President Roth also made an appearance.

It’s a really interesting read, with its many little tid-bits on the lives of an ensemble cast of Wes grads, which in and of itself is rather delightful to take a peek at. Furthermore, there’s a fascinating little line that goes:

The crowd settled to a dull murmur as Wesleyan president Michael Roth ’78 stood in the center of the room. A former professor known for his jazz piano skills and formidably tight jeans, he was making his first foray to the tech event.

(Ben Popper ’04, who wrote the article, clearly keeps up with contemporary Wes culture.) What’s even more interesting is that the entire article was reproduced in its entirety over at the president’s blog page, which means that the president is clearly aware of the fame that surrounds his formidable fashion forays. (Either that, or he didn’t read the article. But really, what’s more plausible?) If anybody at the Argus is reading this, you should totally run a Fall Fashion Feature with the Prez firmly on center-page.

Coming back to the point of this post, I would think that the BetaBeat article must have triggered some reaction among our relatively bacterium-sized CompSci department. I contacted somewhat-renowned CompSci major Micah “Girls Gone” Wylde ’12 earlier this week for a statement, but unfortunately, the busy man blew me off.

So if any of you Comp Sci kids have anything to chip in on this, go right ahead in da Comments. Or not, it’s up to you. Anyway, click here for the article, in case you missed the link above.

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