Dylan Marron ’10 Emerges . . . ?

“Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?”

Just in time for National Coming Out Day (or not quite) comes Michelle Bachmann’s entry to the national “It Gets Better” project—at least according to Dylan Marron ’10.

A few years ago, Marron, along with Jo Firestone ’10, comprised one-half of the devastatingly funny Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite, which holds the unique honor of being the first performance of any sort that I saw at Wesleyan (WESFEST 09 4 LYFE). (The show eventually scored a weekly slot at New York’s The Pit.) Today he sends in a few post-grad video projects involving fellow WesKids Andrew Gladstone ’11, Even Henritze ’11, and Sam Mohney ’11:

Oh, right. And Alvin Ailey doing Ke$ha, also choreographed by Marron himself:

Still hungry? Marron’s got a Tumblr. It’s called DYLAN MARRON.

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2 thoughts on “Dylan Marron ’10 Emerges . . . ?

  1. Stephan

    That was my first Wesleyan performance exposure too! It was actually one of the biggest reasons I came here… @Zach @Stefan

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