Middletown Mayoral Debate

Coming atchoo live this thirsty Thirrrsday from Crowell Concert Hall: the Middletown Mayoral Debate, starring Republican incumbent Mayor Sebastian Giuliano, Democrat candidate Dan Drew, and moderator Peter Frank ’12. Sponsored by the Wesleyan Student Assembly, in conjunction with Wesleying, The Middletown Eye, the Center for Community Partnerships, WesDems, Wesleyan Republicans, Woodrow Wilson Debate Society, and Psi U. (Yes, this blog is cosponsoring, and yes, we will also be liveblogging for those who can’t make it.)

The candidates are the same as in ’09: Sebastian Giuliano is again the incumbent candidate and has been mayor of Middletown since 2005. Drew remains the fresh-faced Democratic challenger, with a nifty website, Facebook page, and some well-honed fundraising skills.

“Wesleyan is a significant part of the Middletown community,” Sheek pointed out last time around, “and there’s a good chance that enough Wes votes might swing the election towards either candidate.” You may as well edumucate yourself then. More on Facebook:

Come see the Mayoral Candidates of Middletown battle it out in the CFA! Both major party candidates,Mayor Sebastian Giuliano (R) and Dan Drew (D), will be participating, and Peter Frank ’12 will be moderating. There will be time for the audience to see the Mayoral Candidates of Middletown battle it out in the CFA! Both major party candidatask questions. Wesleyan students, faculty, and staff, as well as the greater Middletown community, are encouraged to attend. (Email wesleyanvotes<at>gmail<dot>com before Friday 10/21 to register to vote in Middletown.)

Date: Thursday, October 20
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
FBOOOOK: clickhereclickhereclickhere
Candidates: Dan Drew, Sebastian Giuliano

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11 thoughts on “Middletown Mayoral Debate

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  3. Gabriela

    Everyone: Christine Bourne declined the invitation — she wasn’t purposefully left out in order to “maintain the two party system.” Just read the comments below.

  4. Manon

    I agree – if the point of this is Mayoral debate is to educate Wesleyan students on current issues going on in Middletown, there is no reason why Christine Bourne shouldn’t be part of it!!

  5. Ross

    Where is the independent candidate?  There’s also an independent candidate running for mayor!  She is the only woman in the race, her name is Christine Bourne, and she’s currently the City Treasurer.  Why is she not at this debate????

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