So, I should totally be prepping for this TA session I’m supposed to give. Or do homework. Or clean my room. Or find a job. Or chug steroids and lift mad weights. But it’s raining, I’m hungry, and I’m too lazy to get up and leave the computer.

Obviously, the obvious solution is to blog.

And because the greatest academic achievement of any 20-22 yr old college academic-wannabe is to be what the kids these days call “meta-” (click here for details), this evening I’ve decided to follow through on Zach’s blog listing series to present to you fine Wesleyan folks a list of blogs maintained by professors of the Government Department. (I’ll do other departments next time – hello Tenured Rad-Rad!)

In case you didn’t know, Political Science blogs are alll the rage these days! (Or all the rage among hopelessly geeky people, like me. YEAHH)

In other words, screw you abroad kids! SCREW YOU AND YOUR HAPPINESS (i miss denmark so mucchh). Check out the blogs after da jump.

Peter Rutland: Nationalism Watch

Known for his dryer-than-the-Gobi-desert wit/humor and for his supreme Youtube-prowling prowess, Professor Rutland, who is a Russian politics and nationalism(ish ish) scholar, runs this blog that keeps up with stuff related to nationalism (which should be obvious to you, given the title).

Complete with a modern-minimalistic WordPress design, the blog stylistically resembles the kind of house that immediate post-college high fashion/high culture types would love to inhabit. Huzzah!

Erica Chenoweth: Rational Insurgent

Prof. Chenoweth, Wesleyan’s resident conflict studies scholar and probably Indiana Jones-type, keeps a blog that is “dedicated to the spread of knowledge about nonviolent (or “civil”) resistance as an effective force for change in the world.” (OWS folks, take note mebbeh?)

There’s a lot of stuff about the Arab spring in there, which is to be expected given the fact that it’s probably the beefiest current source of material to derive from, but there’s also a lot of empirical-theoretical stuff (if you’re into that sort of thing) as well as your run-of-the-mill blog entries (like this here post about reflections coming out of kicking back with Syrian revolutionaries).

Also, totally check out this post about “Vacation Rebel” Chris Jeon. Totally never heard of this until I got to the site – what the hell, man?

Elvin Lim: Out on a Lim

With the most pun-tastic blog title in the pool (if he was a football player, he’d be a PUN-ter! Amiright, guys? ….guys?), Singaporean-born British-educated Americanist scholar Prof Lim maintains a full-on blog where he lets you know precisely what he thinks about politics in Americuh and the like.

Recent posts include: thought on the Occupy Wall Street protests, the melange of herbs and vegetable (or ham and beef?) dishes that the GOP is putting out as their potential presidential candidates, and reflections on the American economic condition and “crisis.”

His blog also includes a bookshelf wallpaper that features books that conspicuously have no titles on their spines. (Gives me chills, like when Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind did that shit).


Michael Nelson: (Insert Trendy Blog Title Name Here)

First of all, Prof. Nelson, if you’re reading this, I highly apologize for the super-tiny picture. Google totally can’t find anything else.

African Politics professor and member of the Berkeley Mafia Prof. Nelson keeps a faculty blog that features personal thoughts and reflections on recent developments in the politics of the region and other related developments. It also features a recent post about the evil of Marauding Monkeys. Speaking as a person who grew up in a tropical country, I can totally relate.

The horror, the horror.

—  Giulio Gallarotti: Not a blog!

So, Prof. Gallarotti doesn’t really have a blog (at least, one that I can find, anyway). But he DOES have this picture of him and squinty Clint Eastwood himself on his faculty bio page. I’m sure there’s a good story in there somewhere.



That’s it for now, folks! If I missed out any Govt professor blogs, do list it down somewhere so nobody gets left out. Have a good evening, and don’t worry, FALL BREAK IS COMING.

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