Mixed Signals

A.A.R.O.N ’15: You know that building in the CFA, the one with the ramp on the way to the film series. Yeah, that one. Zilch? No, isn’t Zilkha? Whatever. Anyways, the thing there is wrapping up. Turns out the show, Mixed Signals, will be saying “bye” to our fair campus this October 23. And you should take a look before it goes away. Masculinity/sports/strength/weakness/blood/jockstraps/cowboys? Sounds like a Saturday night? How about a Tuesday-Sunday, noon-4pm and Friday noon-8pm (night)!? I know, right!? Right! Do it. Or regret it.

What: Mixed Signals, art exhibit addressing issues of masculinity in sports
When: now until October 23rd
Where: Zilkha Gallery in the CFA

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