Did you miss the Dating Violence/Healthy Relationships talk at Beta? Wish you had heard about the FGSS Symposium? Wondering about different queer groups on campus? Sign up for the WeSex listserv – every week you will receive ONE email (really! Just one! We promise!) with information about events and issues on all things sex at Wes. If you have something to submit to the email blast, send it to by Sundays at 5pm.


ASHA for College is working on some new workshops and we want YOUR input about what you’d like to see at Wesleyan – Debunking Cosmo Mythis? Monogamish Relationships? Take this QUICK (30 second!) survey and let us know.

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  1. Ccohen

    The survey link seems to be working just fine. Just in case, here’s the link again:

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