One Month Warning: A New World Laser Tag

“We tried to do more than the standard everybody tags everybody.”

Bummer on Main Street: everyone’s favorite MTown area laser tag joint is on its way out, with a little less than a month to go. Located at 423 Main Street (right across from bar-night hot spot Titanium), New World has occupied hundreds of Wes students and Middletown locals alike in the six-and-a-half years since its opening in February, 2005. Among its attractions: “7,000 square feet [of laser tag] containing many glowing structures, tunnels, and rooms,” and an arcade complete with Pacman and Frogger.

November 20 is the big day, so “PLAY TODAY,” implores the all-caps sign dotting the spot’s Main Street window. “Time is running out so get all of your fun Laser Tag adventures in while you still can!!” concurs the New World website. Meanwhile, the lengthy list of “USED ITEMS FOR SALE INSIDE” includes a full-size fridge ($100), microwave ($40), old TV ($45), Box Spring Mattress ($50), Dell keyboard ($75), Dell mouse ($8), office chair ($20), and filing cabinet ($35).

I hunted through the Argus archives and came up with this article on New World’s 2005 beginnings, featuring some excellent quotage by ’08 WesKids:

“Laser tag was a pivotal part of my childhood,” said Josh Scannell ’08. “I’m so glad they’ve opened a new place in Middletown because I’m totally going to take advantage of this. I really cannot wait. Laser tag is a great way to get out your aggression.”

“I think that A New World will really be good for the community,” said Thaddeus Ruzicka ’08. “It will provide us with something else to do on Main Street, aside from going to the restaurants. I like laser tag better than roller skating.”

There’s also a Halloween weekend special (of course there’s a Halloween weekend special), so head on down before November 20 for laser tag or a lightly used Dell keyboard or “13 hours of unlimited gaming.” Something for everyone!

RIP, A New World Laser Tag.

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