Heaven*, a new play presented by Second Stage

Ask Steves ’13 what it takes to find solace in the afterlife:

Come see Heaven*, a new student-written play, this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! All performances start at 8pm.

Heaven* is a comedy about an old woman’s journey through an afterlife that exists primarily as a reality TV show for the entertainment of snarky celestial beings. As our hero wanders through an afterlife run like a cut-throat corporation, she revisits moments from her life in order to find the inner-peace necessary to ascend to heaven.

Starring: Leah Rosen, Noah Masur, Solomon Billinkoff, Paulie Lowther, Michelle Agresti, Gabe Gordon, Emily Weitzman, Anika Amin, Will Durney, Joe Gargan, Michael Yee, Catherine Aker, Rachel Leshin, Jordan Gaynes, Greg Faxon, Howard Tobachnik, and Miranda Linsky.

Written & directed by Michael Steves, stage managed by Matt Leibowitz.

Date: Oct. 27 – Oct. 29*
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM**
Place: Westco Cafe***
Cost: $0**********
F*c*b**k: Cl*ck

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