From Seed to Cup: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Coffee

Happy Friday! Here’s today’s one-liner haiku, dedicated to the Cache Job Engineerz / Jacob Eichengreenz ’13 of Espwesso:

Perhaps you noticed / frost in air (borne from the dirt?) / and wanted coffee.

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into your favorite cup of coffee? Or how your favorite Espwesso baristas manage to make those designs on top of your latte? Before it even reaches your favorite cafe (Espwesso, of course), between 3 and 5 people have already touched each individual bean…that’s a lot of touching! Come join Espwesso founder Alex Bernson ’11 as he discusses the extensive work involved in making coffee – including agriculture, trade, roasting, and yes, even latte art!

This lecture is a fundamental component of every Espwesso barista’s mandatory training regimen. Come join Espwesso’s newest hire, Samantha Sikder ’14!!!!11!!1!!!!!!1!!!!|!\1\|!|!, as we explore every aspect of coffee production.

A brief coffee tasting will also be included! [Ed. note: Have you ever heard of FREE COFFEE? It’s a fast-growing grassroots movement where people let other people DRINK COFFEE FOR FREE. This brief coffee tasting is actually sponsored by the FREE COFFEE movement. Participate today!]

In case you didn’t naturally absorb when and where this was happening by diffusion (>mfw), here’s the time and place stuff in a convention-challenging format:

Friday (known in some coffee-drinking cultures as TODAY) , Oct. 28th 1-3 PM
Albritton Center Rm. 311

(Upstairs lounge, Button 3R on the Albritton Elevator)

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