Spotted: WesDressed

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Gossip Girl lately, but I thought y’all oughta know about Wesleyan’s latest tumblr. The ladies at WesDressed had the following to say about the impetus for their blog:

Too often, popular notions of Wesleyan pigeonhole the sense of style at Wesleyan, neglecting the campus’s unique ability to cultivate and embrace a wide spectrum of style. This misrepresentation propelled the creation of ‘Wes Dressed.’ We aim to display how Wesleyan stays stylish all around campus, and to highlight compelling outfits and looks.

Disclaimer: Wes Dressed is not a fashion blog aimed at telling you how to dress. This blog is interested only in how you already dress, and is aimed to encompass a variety of style. Made for students, by students, as a way of showcasing how we each choose to present ourselves through clothing.

So, do it up big, Wes! And remember that it’s all a spectrum, amiright?

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