stay warm when the world hates you!

So…. 5-8 inches. That is, by tonight. And, I don’t know what – 8-12 inches was it? – by tomorrow.

Which is completely fine, man. Totally. Absolutely complete cool-socks and awesome-sauce. By that I mean, why the hell isn’t my heater-warmer thing in my house working, and why the heck is it snowing in October, and why can’t I reach my bottle of ibuprofen to deal with this hangover (the table is so farr away from my bed, so far awayyyy…..)?

But that’s cool. I’ve been through this shit before. We’ve all been through this shit before. And you know what? We’re gonna beat it. We’re gonna beat it so bad.

So do what you have to do to stay warm, Wesleyan. Hole yourself up in your closet, make your bed in your sock drawer, eat eat eat eat eat, put a toaster next to your bed (but not so close because it might catch fire – mmm, fire), or do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel (that is to say, reply to Mother Nature’s 8 to 12 inches with your 8 to 12 inches – BOOM!).

Perhaps this is the longest Wesleyan Winter we might ever have. Perhaps it isn’t it. But we’ll get through this, and then there is Spring Fling.


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[photos by Zach, Sam Furnival ’15]

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