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This semester, the Writing Certificate is offering new courses that might interest you:

Please note that the first three courses are Permission of Instructor. Applications are due by Friday, November 4th at 5 P.M. See details on WesMaps.

Kim-Frank University Writer in Residence Professor Amy Bloom will offer two courses, including WRCT 260: Reading and Writing Fiction II, a reading- and writing-intensive course that focuses on character, structure and plot, sentence structure, development of a strong and idiosyncratic voice, the role and history of the narrator, points of view, and writing with meaning. For the WesMaps description, please click here. Bloom will also teach WRCT 256: Writing For Television.

Koeppel Journalist Lawrence Roberts, winner of three Pulitzer Prizes, will teach WRCT 261: Topics in Journalism: Disruption, Truth, and the Future of News. This course explores how the Internet is at once a powerful tool and a disruptive force for American journalism. The course will consider case studies of the present and past, including the rise of the penny press and yellow journalism in the 19th century, the underground anti-war newspapers of the 1960’s and cable T.V. news in the 1990’s. For more information, please click here.

Koeppel Journalist Martha Raddatz, ABC Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, will teach WRCT 262: Topics in Journalism: Foreign Affairs. The course will cover war and conflict internationally. The course will have an unusual format, meeting in five half-day classes on Saturdays during the semester and including a trip to ABC News Studios in Washington DC. For the WesMaps description, please click here.

Israeli Filmmaker Dani Menkin will teach HEST 230: Israel on the Road: Making Road Trip Films with Filmmaker Dani Menken. The course is a practical script and directing master class in making documentary and fiction road trip films. The course will be analyzing in depth the making of Dani Menkin’s award winning films. Lessons will include: behind the scenes discussions on the “journey of the filmmaker” versus the “journey of the characters”; writing and critiquing scripts: analyzing other international award winning road trip films; reading, reviewing and analyzing Dani’s script-in-progress, co-written with best-selling author and writer, Eshkol Nevo. We will participate in the process of bringing this script to life for filming this coming spring. For more information on the course, please click here.

More information is available on the Writing Certificate’s website.

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