If you’re out there (part 2)

…and you still are aware of the few internet spots on campus, here’s a couple more heads up:

  1. RIGHT NOW (12-2) – WesWings, free hot food, free coffee, free charging station for cell phones.
  2. Sci Li remains open, snuggle parties 4eva
  3. Mamouns (the falafel dude) is still prowling in day time. If you have cash, perfectly good time to sink into warm food and onion rings and shit.
  4. Still not much info about when the power will be back on – sources cite IMS as saying Thursday most likely, other sources still hopeful on tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Price Chopper remains open and with power; if you don’t have a car, it’s actually walking distance. But if you do choose to walk, plan accordingly – when it gets dark, man, it gets dark out there.
  6. I spotted an AT&T generator unit out on Lawn – I presume AT&T now has connection, Verizon has always had connection, and T-Mobile I’ve been told has resumed connection.
  7. Anybody has any updates on Usdan? Does it remain open for warmth and snuggles?
Yeah, so – right about now is the time when the hot water reserves in your house/dorm tanks run out. But don’t worry; cold showers are a great way to wake up, and according to my metro-fabulous roommate this summer (EP’10, you know who you are), is a great way to clear up your skin follicles, producing a nicer glow. Case and point: the Scandinavian people. But make sure you get into warmth ASAP – the temperature dropped pretty bad last night, but has since risen to a pretty manageable level.
To parents who are concerned: don’t worry. There hasn’t seem to be any accidents and injuries of note (or so I have heard of, speaking to as many people as possible), and food and warmth and company and shelter are of adequate supply. The school is working as hard as they can, affiliates of the school are being amazing people (YUHHH WESWINGS 4 LYFE), and the Middletown services and community has been fantastic.
If you’ve fled Middletown or have contacts back in here, please post down at the comments the facts of the situation – for the peace of mind of the parents, and for others. If you’re aware of anybody who’s looking for their kid, please give a hand. And if you’ve shuttling out of Middletown temporarily, do stock up and if you can, distribute essential supplies. (Screw dat Hobbesian state of nature!) If you know of any developments in the situation, do let us know.
Anyway, as for yours truly, not even Mother Nature will stop me from writing my thesis. Give me the plague, give me locusts, but I will finish this bad boy. And if you need some company or whatever info I have (though, frankly, I can’t spare my food rations), feel free to hit me up – I live on the top of Home, on the left.
Stay warm and stay together, folks!
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5 thoughts on “If you’re out there (part 2)

  1. Butts Resident

    Just an update about today (power is back now in many places): As an RA the in Butts, just letting people know it was not below freezing, we were not told to evacuate. it was probably one of the warmer places on campus. the food was much better today: better sandwiches, more food, no line. 
    ResLife has been working super hard. i definitely have a few concerns about the reslife emergency situation that should be addressed but at a later time. anyway, powers back in the butts now. 

  2. Alex

    To give some Wes peeps credit, the Usdan business was much, much better today (Monday) than yesterday. Not only was there plenty more food, there was little to no lines both times I went (morning breakfast and afternoon sandwich). In both cases I received enough calories to easily last me an entire day. It’s also super awesome that the Usdan staff was all there serving us food despite the difficult and dangerous driving conditions.

    As previously mentioned, WesWings was spectacular as well.

  3. Dana

    Frostedmoose, I’m on Home Ave, too! And it’s pretty scary there at night. Utter darkness.

    To anyone out there–

    It is pretty miserable in certain places on campus. From what I hear, underclassmen dorms have some emergency floodlights and working outlets, offering a little bit of comfort. In woodframes, there is none of this. Not to mention that the streets are absolutely pitch black, and the houses are freezing cold. This I understand is just a drawback to living in pretty houses, and I fully accept it.

    HOWEVER, we’re super hungry. Yes, there is “food” on campus–you can wait two hours on line behind 500 people to get a sandwich and pretzels over at Usdan, from 2-4. That’s not enough. Bless the Weswings, people, though–they are seriously stepping it up for us and for that I am incredibly grateful.

    In the meantime, my friends and I have skipped town and hunkered down in New Haven coffee shops. The amount we’ve spent on gas and food is ridiculous. And believe me, we have tried staying close to Wesleyan to minimize on gas costs, in addition to only eating at cheap fast food places.

    Classes cannot start tomorrow. A lot of people don’t have computers, let alone access to the internet, and it’s impossible to do work when everything is online and out of reach. Also, tons of people have left campus..?

    Wesleyan, FEED US more than once a day, for more than two hours. And don’t have classes tomorrow. You’re just adding to the anxiety.

  4. Malik

    I left campus at 6am this morning. But here’s my personal rundown from Saturday onward.

    1) WE LOST POWER SATURDAY NIGHT around 10-11pm. Some lost power much earlier than that (Lincoln Ave lost it before 9pm). That email sent earlier today is incorrect and I am angry that they refuse to let that be known.

    2) The Butts was advised to evacuate due to the below-freezing temperature drop at night. So many frosh/sophomores are probably spread around campus, if not off-campus.

    3) Many Lo-Rise/Hi-Rise residents have left campus, either to nearby towns, New Haven or further.

    4) ResLife manned doors in Hi-Rise, all day because the keycard access was down. Please note that these folks (student workers-CA’s, some other Reslife Staff) were working those doors from Sunday Morning until 9am This Morning. According to higher-ups, this was non-negotiable due to the need for a ‘firewatch’ at all times. They were not sure of whether or not the fire alarms were working in Hi-Rise and thus needed eyes on the building. 

    5) The food line at Usdan on Sunday afternoon was too long to believe. It took so long that some of us left to get food from Cromwell. Nothing can convince me that today’s food line will not be of the same length. 

    4) There has been little to no connectivity for wi-fi or cell-phone usage. This has made getting communication across campus to those who need it extremely difficult. If your phone died before you got word of Sci-Li or any other refuge, you were/are screwed until you run into someone who can tell you what’s happening. I am happy to know WesWings is helping folks out in this matter. 

    5) Power lines and branches littered campus most of the weekend. I hope and believe that the majority of them have been sealed off or cleaned up. 

    6) Black ice and lack of street lights makes driving around and from campus very dangerous. This is true until you hit Cromwell, Meriden, or the further reaches of Middlesex toward Hartford. 

    In essence, if you are a parent trying to get in contact with your kid, please be patient and have faith. Simultaneously, do know that it’s not all peaches and cream out here. If you are a WesHead reading this, I hope that you find some place warm and have food to eat. 

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