Outage Map and Plea from P ’14

This note from Jerry P ’14 has appeared in our inbox a few times. If you’re on campus reading this and have any info, get in touch:

Hey, There is a kid visiting the school today but when he got to school the admissions office was closed. His cell died, so his folks are really worried. If anyone has met Alex Pillsbury from California (a high school senior) could you post something on wesleying, or email me at books(at)mtpress(d0t)com so that I can tell his mom. Thanks. Jerry.

In other news, according to the Connecticut L&P outage map, 93% of Middletown customers remain without power and Mayor Guiliano is suggesting MTown trick-or-treaters stay home tonight. Cromwell is at 51%. Escape to New Haven if you can—apparently WesKids have already taken over the Yalies’ main haunts. Stay warm.

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3 thoughts on “Outage Map and Plea from P ’14

  1. Wes '15

    Hey, that prefrosh was visiting with my friend and he successfully contacted his parents yesterday after all the hubub and P-Safe’s worry. He’s now on his way back to California, and all is well… just so ya know.

  2. WesStudent '13


    I’m a Wesleyan student and just wanted to suggest that you call Public Safety at 860-685-2345 and tell them that you are desperately trying to get hold of this prefrosh? I know that Residential Life is doing rounds around dorms to check on students, and perhaps if they got the word out to them and the Reslife staff, they can help in locating your son especially if he took refuge with some students. P-Safe or the Deans’ Office would probably be the best bet as they are operational for emergencies.

    Hope this helps!

    Wesbian ’13

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