…the Great Redaction


It appears that our previous post was a bit too optimistic… given the disappointing nature of the “latest update from Connecticut Light and Power” (via Rothocalypse), classes will be CANCELED tomorrow(!) Accordingly, “food will be available for students who remain on campus, and the Science Library will remain open as a shelter.”

And so the saga continues… we will continue to update as events warrant. Full text of all-campus email follows after the jump. 

Dear friends,

Although we are still hopeful that our own generators will be able to bring power back to parts of the central campus, the latest update from Connecticut Light and Power is disappointing. Given this latest news, we will cancel classes tomorrow, Tuesday.  Only essential personnel should report to campus.

Recognizing that many students and faculty are away from campus, we will let everyone know by noon tomorrow whether classes will resume on Wednesday. Also, we expect faculty to be flexible with student assignments, and that there will be a collective effort to figure out the best ways to complete the work of the semester.

Food will be available for students who remain on campus, and the Science Library will remain open as a shelter. We will provide updates regarding the situation on campus and in the Middletown area as they are available.

I appreciate that this has been a frustrating experience for members of the Wesleyan community eager for information and reassurance (and heat!). We will continue to share information as we get it and strive to resume educational activities as soon as it is prudent to do so.


Michael S. Roth,

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3 thoughts on “…the Great Redaction

  1. Ed Thorndike '89

    At Weswings, we fed and charged the cell phones and laptops of 300-400 students today. Assuming there is still no power on Tuesday, we will once again be serving a hot meal. Let’s call it Brunch. Egg & Cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, soups, with bread from the Red & Black Cafe. And of course, our generator providing hot coffee and cell phone charging. We should have things starting up around 10 am and will go until the food runs out. The generator will run until 3pm. Stay warm and stay safe.  If we get power back then we will be working hard to reopen for normal business.

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