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Carnaval de Halloween

Sara Kass-Gergi ’12 invites you to trek through the snow for a reason:

Come to Usdan for a delicious, fun event! There will be food and sweets galore. Make sugar skulls and tissue paper flowers with La Casa! Drink butterbeer! It’s snowing tonight, so you might as well eat delicious things before braving the weather!

Date: Oct. 29 – TODAY
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Usdan
Cost: $3

Mustard Pimp Tonight at Eclectic

Mustard Pimp is playing TONIGHT at Eclectic. Their debut album dropped October 25th on Dim Mak. Their single ZHM was released last month with remixes by Dada Life, The Subs, Cyberpunkers and Tom Starr. They have performed at Ultra Music Festival, House Of Blues, Avalon, Voyeur, and Webster Hall, just to name a few. They have released remixes for Designer Drugs, Shinichi Osawa, Steve Aoki, Dada Life, Fischerspooner, and Crookers. (Event)
Opening Acts:

Date: TONIGHT, 10/29
Time: 10 PM
Cost: FREE
Facebook: LINK

AEPi: Rave or Die

From The Brothers of the Alpha Psi Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity:

AEPi is throwing its annual halloween rave. Dress up and prepare to dance your hearts out.

Bring your WesCards.

FREE glowsticks for the first 300 people.

DJ Dubbstep ’14 will be playing some Doombahton (Doomsday Moombahton), and DJ Nephesh ’14 will be playing some face-melting Electro. Peter Cramer ’14 will simultaneously run a live light show–complete with blacklight, lasers, strobes, and more of that tasty shit.

And everybody should donate $3 to Shining Hope For Communities (SHOFCO).

  • DATE: Tomorrow (Saturday, October 29th)
  • TIME: 10pm-2am
  • PLACE: 200 Church

DISCLAIMER: Upon being extensively questioned on the subject of the Rave’s Title, the Brothers would like to announce to the public at large that attendance at this rave is not necessarily guaranteed to save you from death. The Brothers have determined that there is, in fact, more than a 99% chance that you will die at some point throughout your life, regardless of whether or not you attend. But you should attend. Because you’re alive now. And you should celebrate that fact by dancing your ass off at what will be The Hella-Mad-Awesomest RaveFest You Ever Attended.

VD Presents: The Halloweekend Show

From The Vocal Debauchery Family:

This Halloweekend, we know what’s up.

Girls. Everywhere. In slutty costumes. So much makeup that you don’t know who you’re making out with. You just know that her makeup doesn’t taste that great but neither did the margaritas your roommate tried to make and…

It’s intense. We get it. Take a breather, come see some a cappella and sketch comedy, meet our newbies, laugh, cry, give your livers a rest. For God’s sake, people.

Vocal Debauchery.

  • DATE: Tomorrow (10.29)
  • TIME: 1700 hrs / 5 pm
  • PLACE: Nics Lounge
VD is: Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Glenn Cantave ’15, Michael Deck ’14Kenny Feder ’12Leada Fuller ’14Chelsea Goldsmith ’13Gabe Gordon ’15Emily Jones ’14, Matt Krakaur ’14Cade Leebron ’14Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15Ben Tweed ’13, and Lisle Winston ’14.


Zak Kirwood ’12 wants to see your Halloween costume:

When imagining spooky locales, it would be understandable to think immediately of grapevine tangled porches on dear Wesleyan’s periphery. Think now though, I urge you, of the third floor of Allbritton as similarly constitutive of a spooky aesthetic. That’s because this Halloween, after sending the kids off to forage for candy, you can creep on over to Allbritton 311 at 8 PM for……….

CAPTIVE GENDERS: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex
(don’t bother changing out of your costumes!)

Pathologized, terrorized, and confined, trans/gender non-conforming and queer folks have always struggled against the enormity of the prison industrial complex. The first collection of its kind, Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith bring together current and former prisoners, activists, and academics to offer new ways for understanding how race, gender, ability, and sexuality are lived under the crushing weight of captivity. Through a politic of gender self-determination, this collection argues that trans/queer liberation and prison abolition must be grown together. From rioting against police violence and critiquing hate crimes legislation to prisoners demanding access to HIV medications, and far beyond, Captive Genders is a challenge for us all to join the struggle.

  • Date: Monday, October 31st
  • Time: 8pm
  • Place: Allbritton 311 (Top Floor)

From Seed to Cup: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Coffee

Happy Friday! Here’s today’s one-liner haiku, dedicated to the Cache Job Engineerz / Jacob Eichengreenz ’13 of Espwesso:

Perhaps you noticed / frost in air (borne from the dirt?) / and wanted coffee.

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into your favorite cup of coffee? Or how your favorite Espwesso baristas manage to make those designs on top of your latte? Before it even reaches your favorite cafe (Espwesso, of course), between 3 and 5 people have already touched each individual bean…that’s a lot of touching! Come join Espwesso founder Alex Bernson ’11 as he discusses the extensive work involved in making coffee – including agriculture, trade, roasting, and yes, even latte art!

This lecture is a fundamental component of every Espwesso barista’s mandatory training regimen. Come join Espwesso’s newest hire, Samantha Sikder ’14!!!!11!!1!!!!!!1!!!!|!\1\|!|!, as we explore every aspect of coffee production.

A brief coffee tasting will also be included! [Ed. note: Have you ever heard of FREE COFFEE? It’s a fast-growing grassroots movement where people let other people DRINK COFFEE FOR FREE. This brief coffee tasting is actually sponsored by the FREE COFFEE movement. Participate today!]

In case you didn’t naturally absorb when and where this was happening by diffusion (>mfw), here’s the time and place stuff in a convention-challenging format:

Friday (known in some coffee-drinking cultures as TODAY) , Oct. 28th 1-3 PM
Albritton Center Rm. 311

(Upstairs lounge, Button 3R on the Albritton Elevator)

Move To Amend Barnstorming Tour with David Cobb, ’04 Green Party Presidential Nominee

From Ross Levin ’15:

David Cobb was the Green Party’s 2004 nominee for President of the United States. He will be visiting Wesleyan on October 29 as part of a speaking tour with the organization Move To Amend, which was formed in the aftermath of “Citizens United” to promote a more democratic society, including a constitutional amendment ending corporate personhood and a voters’ bill of rights.

Cobb will be speaking about corporate personhood, Occupy Wall Street, voting in America, money in politics, and related issues.  The title of the talk is “Creating Democracy and Challenging Corporate Rule.”

Cosponsored by the Wesleyan College Greens and Democracy Matters.

Also, Facebook.

Date:   Oct. 29
Time:   3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Place:  PAC 001
Cost:   Freedom is not free! But this is.

Pumpkin Fest @ Long Lane

Ally freakin’ Bernstein ’13 hopes Saturday’s weather doesn’t look like this:

Come celebrate autumn, the harvest, and all things Halloween-y at Long Lane Farm, Wesleyan’s student-run organic vegetable farm! Feature the sweet sounds of Mattabesset Pickers Collective, the Apple Daughters, Jackie and Avery, and Tennessee Mowrey ’14 and his band! Bring money for the Farmers Market! Bring a canned good to be entered into a raffle to win an ION or Javapalooza gift certificate! Bring your bike so LEGIT bike co-op can fix it! Bring your face so we can paint it!

There will be free veggie burgers and crafts, farm tours and good vibes. Don’t miss it!

Note: if it rains (or snows) on Saturday, Pumpkin Fest will take place on Sunday, the 30th, at the same time. Check the Facebook page to see if it is postponed!

Date: Saturday, October 29
Time: noon – 4:00 PM
Place: Long Lane
Cost: no.
Facebook: yes.

Thai Night

Do you want to see some Muay Thai in action?
Would you like to eat Thai food and also learn how to make them?
Or do you just want to hang out and have a great time?
Then come join us at Thai Night this Saturday!

**All of our profits will go to the relief fund for the worst Thai flooding disaster in half a century.