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Late Night, Whey Station, Ride Canceled

As the first snowpocalypse of the year continues:

  • The Ride is NOT operating.
  • Late Night is CLOSED.
  • The Whey Station says “Not looking good for tonight. Parking ban in middletown already. Spoke to the police and were told we are not allowed out with the ban. We will post a definite yes or no later.”
Whey Station and Late Night closed? FREAK OUT TIME.

Carnaval de Halloween

Sara Kass-Gergi ’12 invites you to trek through the snow for a reason:

Come to Usdan for a delicious, fun event! There will be food and sweets galore. Make sugar skulls and tissue paper flowers with La Casa! Drink butterbeer! It’s snowing tonight, so you might as well eat delicious things before braving the weather!

Date: Oct. 29 – TODAY
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Usdan
Cost: $3

Wesleyan Disenfranchisement Update

The Middletown Press reported on Thursday that about half of Wesleyan students who registered to vote in town might not be eligible to vote.  With ~450 registered, that 225 students who registered to vote who would be denied.  Although they haven’t enforced the rule in the past, the registrar says registering with a WesBox is a no-no.

Many students used a Wesleyan Post Office Box number to register, “Which isn’t allowed,” Republican Registrar of Voters Janice Gionfriddo said. Students have to use their actual dorm address, not a P.O. Box number, according to Gionfriddo. […]

There are no rules prohibiting students who are not a permanent resident of Connecticut from voting in the state, except they cannot be registered to vote in two places, Gionfriddo said. If they are registered in their home state, they will have to unregister there to register in Connecticut.

In order to register, students must provide a valid ID — which could be a school ID — and a piece of mail from their current campus address, according to Gionfriddo. The deadline to register to vote is Nov. 1, according to the Secretary of the State’s office.

The Wesleyan student body has registered 249 independents, 192 Democrats, and 6 Republicans.  Let’s not kid ourselves though.  While the entire student body does not seem too willing to sell their souls to the Democratic Party, it’s definitely safe to say it “leans” liberal and probably tends to vote Democrat heavily.  Many more students have registered to vote than usual, due to the efforts of not only nonpartisan groups like WSA, but ones like WesDems.  Interestingly, the Registrar of Voters is a Republican.  Hmmm…

Do Not Be Disenfranchised!

Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Brian J. Glenn ’91 (yeah, he’s a professor and a Wes alum) teaches a course on Campaigns and Elections* here at Wesleyan.  Today, Glenn writes in on something especially relevant to that class, and to all of you:

On Thursday, the Republican Registrar of Voters for the City of Middletown announced that she is invalidating on a technicality roughly half of the 450 or so registration forms submitted by Wesleyan students.  This is an outrage, and I encourage each and every student to go down Court Street to Middletown City Hall on Monday the 31st and register in person before the November 1 cutoff.
A line of 2,000 students forming outside the Registrar’s door would send the message that Wesleyan’s students will not tolerate attempts to silence them for partisan ends.

If you ever wondered whether your vote matters, the Republican Registrar just answered that question!  Your vote matters.  Please register to vote in person on Monday.

stay warm when the world hates you!

So…. 5-8 inches. That is, by tonight. And, I don’t know what – 8-12 inches was it? – by tomorrow.

Which is completely fine, man. Totally. Absolutely complete cool-socks and awesome-sauce. By that I mean, why the hell isn’t my heater-warmer thing in my house working, and why the heck is it snowing in October, and why can’t I reach my bottle of ibuprofen to deal with this hangover (the table is so farr away from my bed, so far awayyyy…..)?

But that’s cool. I’ve been through this shit before. We’ve all been through this shit before. And you know what? We’re gonna beat it. We’re gonna beat it so bad.

So do what you have to do to stay warm, Wesleyan. Hole yourself up in your closet, make your bed in your sock drawer, eat eat eat eat eat, put a toaster next to your bed (but not so close because it might catch fire – mmm, fire), or do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel (that is to say, reply to Mother Nature’s 8 to 12 inches with your 8 to 12 inches – BOOM!).

Perhaps this is the longest Wesleyan Winter we might ever have. Perhaps it isn’t it. But we’ll get through this, and then there is Spring Fling.


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[photos by Zach, Sam Furnival ’15]


“This is like Nightmare Before Christmas in reverse.” —Oscar Wilde

Morning, Wellesleyan. There’s a blizzard happening. Middletown just declared a winter snow parking ban (probably the first time that’s happened in October). Pumpkin Fest is postponed. (Things that aren’t canceled tonight include Mustard Pimp at Eclectic, Eyes Without a Face at the Film Series and T.M. Krishna’s performance at the 35th annual Navaratri festival.) is calling it “historic” and using the verb “hammering” and predicting 5-8 inches by tonight and posting cool graphs like this:

If by some miracle of Satan you’re still dressing up for Hallowee(ke)n(d), send photos of your Halloween costume to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org by noon on Tuesday. Please put “HALLOWESLEYING” in the subject line. Include a brief description, and let us know if you’d like to be anonymous. We’ll post a roundup of the top three or seven or thirteen or whatever. Thank, and happy frolicking.

The London Souls at Buddhist House Halloween Spectacular

Wahoo! Come out to Buddhist House this Saturday Night to celebrate Halloween with The London Souls.

Coming off the heels of a brand new LP and and a tour giving them the reputation of playing the most explosive live performances the universe has seen in a long time, The London Souls are bringing their rock n’ roll psychedelia to Wesleyan. Come dance and see the band that’s been called the best-kept secret among New York city concertgoers. Everything is expected to explode.

Wesleyan’s own spaceshifting funkaphonic Almonds and Elephants will open.

The show is FREE, but capacity is limited, so come early.

Saturday October 29th
Buddhist House
10:00 p.m

Mustard Pimp Tonight at Eclectic

Mustard Pimp is playing TONIGHT at Eclectic. Their debut album dropped October 25th on Dim Mak. Their single ZHM was released last month with remixes by Dada Life, The Subs, Cyberpunkers and Tom Starr. They have performed at Ultra Music Festival, House Of Blues, Avalon, Voyeur, and Webster Hall, just to name a few. They have released remixes for Designer Drugs, Shinichi Osawa, Steve Aoki, Dada Life, Fischerspooner, and Crookers. (Event)
Opening Acts:

Date: TONIGHT, 10/29
Time: 10 PM
Cost: FREE
Facebook: LINK