Classes Resume Tomorrow (Wednesday)

The blackout’s been an exciting Fall Break Take 2, but it’s time to return to campus. Classes resume tomorrow! Here’s the full text of President Roth’s announcement.

Dear Friends,

With the restoration of power to the core of the Wesleyan campus, the university will reopen and classes will resume on Wednesday, November 2.

We realize that a significant number of our students living in program houses and in the wood-frames are still without power. We are making alternative sleeping quarters available for these students. Those who want to bunk with friends in the residence halls are encouraged to do so. Those who would like the university to find them a place to sleep until power is restored should contact Residential Life at: 860 685-3550. We will use common spaces and lounges in our residence halls and will open other venues as needed.

By resuming classes we aim to return to the normal rhythms of our educational mission. The libraries will be open, and meals are being served in Usdan. We are hopeful that the Freeman Athletic Center will have power this afternoon. We are aware, of course, that this return to academic work may be challenging for students who are seeking alternative living arrangements through the aftermath of the storm. Those students who are not able to return to campus by tomorrow are encouraged to contact their professors to make appropriate arrangements to complete their assignments. We are asking faculty and students alike to be flexible.

Much of Connecticut is still without power, and many people, including students, faculty and staff, have been pitching in to help those in need. We want to encourage the Wesleyan community to work together to bring the campus back to full and happy functioning. As a community pulling together, we will make the most of this disrupted semester.

Thank you, as always, for your cooperation and support. We will send a further update at the end of the day today.

Michael S. Roth

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7 thoughts on “Classes Resume Tomorrow (Wednesday)

  1. 2014er in a woodframe

    All you rich snobs can fuck off. Who the fuck do you think Roth is, God? He had no fuckin’ control over the snowstorm that blew in Saturday night so stop fuckin’ complaining. 

  2. '12 in the dark

    Seniors getting fucked over. SEND OUT A SEPARATE EMAIL TO SENIORS, ROTH & WHALEY! I’m not yelling at Wesleying or other students, but who can we email about that?

  3. 2012

    …And the people in woodframes are screwed over, again, for those of us who were here during the first blackout this year. 

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