Dining Hours Today + Volunteering

The WSA has confirmed that Bon Appetit eateries will be open today at the following times:
  • Usdan Marketplace: Brunch 10-2, Dinner Normal
  • Usdan Cafe and Pi Cafe: Open at 11
  • Summerfields: Open for Dinner
  • Weshop: Open at 11:30
  • Late Night: Normal Hours
Much of Middletown remains without power, and if you have time today consider volunteering at the Middletown Shelter at Middletown High School, 200 Larosa Lane. The shelter could use help from Wesleyan students throughout the day.
Volunteering is great!Directions:
  1. Take Newfield St/CT-3 northwards.  If you’re not familiar, Newfield St/Ct-3 is what Vine Street turns into when you go north of Washington St. (~1 mile)
  2. Turn left onto Larosa Lane.
  3. Continue until you see Middletown High School on your right at 200 LAROSA LANE.
Feel free to view the directions yourself on Google Maps.
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One thought on “Dining Hours Today + Volunteering

  1. Ed

    Weswings has no power but is still providing complementary brunch. We have egg and cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, butternut apple or chicken noodle soup. Also hot coffee satellite tv and charging stations. We appreciate all the love everyone has been sending and hope to be on the side of the powered soon.

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