Espwesso Cwosed until fuwther wotice

Yoyoyo this is your main man (and apparent Roth-apologist – hello there, Simon~), frostedmoose, with a message from Senor Sexy-pants Jacob Eichengreen ’13:

Espwesso will be closed until at least Thursday (maybe). We’ll know soon if we’ll actually open Thursday or if it’ll be on Sunday instead.

As a side note, a shout out to Ed Thorndike ’89 of WesWings: thanks for the picture, and the food! You’re a god among bros.

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2 thoughts on “Espwesso Cwosed until fuwther wotice

  1. DEBATE!

    because I really like the seriousness and tone with which frosted moose and simon are taking up the argument, i’d like to propose an all out, in person debate. tonight. preferably in a powerless house. notwithstanding any change in what the administration actually does. just based on what they both think SHOULD happen. GO!

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