Just Kidding – Power’s Not Back After All

BZOD EDIT, 6:08 PM: All areas affected by the 2:55 PM power outage (Hewitt, Clark, WestCo, Nics, Butts, as well as many classroom buildings including PAC, Allbritton, the CFA, and the ’92 Theater) all seem to have regained power. For the initial coverage of the second stream of power outages, read past the jump. 

Initial Post – 2:57 PM: The latest news is that dorms are rapidly losing power – Hewitt, Clark, WestCo, the Nics, and the Butts have all lost power as of now, 2:55 PM. Check this post and Syed‘s post below for updates.

BZOD EDIT, 3:17 PM: The following places are currently out of power again. This list does not include places that just never got power back in the first place:

  • Hewitt
  • Butts
  • WestCo
  • Clark
  • Nics
  • The CFA
  • Allbritton
  • ’92 Theater
Exley still has power though – specifically, SciLi.
BZOD EDIT, 3:23 PM: Allbritton is out as well.
BZOD EDIT, 5:02 PM: Reportedly, PAC has been out for a while as well. But, now Hewitt and Butts are back on power, according to the comments section.
BZOD EDIT, 5:31 PM: WestCo, Clark, and PAC all have power again.
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6 thoughts on “Just Kidding – Power’s Not Back After All

  1. Seriously, though...

    Wait so they call us all back to campus and now we don’t have power again? Class should just be cancelled for this week and we should be refunded 1/15 of our fall tuition and housing.

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