Lunchtime with Mark and Scott: Episode 5 – Blackout Brunch

Wesleyan is in the throws of a massive power outage! For any regular lunchers, this would mean the cancellation of carefully laid plans. However, despite the odds, Mark Popinchalk ’13 and Scott Greene ’13 have had their lunch, and ate it too. This week, Blackout Brunch at Usdan. Stay warm, and have a listen!

Lunchtime with Mark and Scott is an ambitious podcast about two college students eating lunch.

Episode 5- Blackout Brunch by Lunchtime w/ Mark + Scott

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3 thoughts on “Lunchtime with Mark and Scott: Episode 5 – Blackout Brunch

  1. Doodely-doodely-doo

    Dear intrepid lunchers,
    I am surprised that one very important factor was not included in your discussion of why your lunchtime conversation did not take place on Monday. I happen to know that during the typical lunching hours of Monday, Mark Popinchalk was striving to prevent the Third Reich from taking over the world. I am also happy to inform you that his efforts leading the British forces were unsuccessful.
    The Fuehrer

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