Some Dorms Down… Again

Receiving word that the Butts, Nics, WestCo, and Hewitt are down again. Other buildings may be out as well. This is independent of the outage scheduled for 3-4am tomorrow morning. Public Safety has confirmed that the four buildings mentioned are down, but does not know if this is outage was planned or not. If anyone has more info about this outage please write it up in the comments section.

[Edit 10:18pm] Clark Hall is also out (confirmed).

[Edit 11:19PM crash] The power will be out for at least an hour. Cause of outage isn’t known at the moment. Fayerweather, Usdan, Exley, Senior Fauv, Frosh Fauv still have power.

[Edit 11:36PM BZOD] Power is back on in the Nics. Also, a message from Public Safety around 10 PM tonight said that the outage would be fixed in “2 hours maximum.” Probably not planned, but the issue might have at least been resolved.

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6 thoughts on “Some Dorms Down… Again

  1. Guest

    Ugh. I’m at home nursing a relapse into bronchitis that I think is due to spending 48 hours in the freezing Butts. I don’t want to go back tomorrow morning to what I escaped from, especially with my immune system as fucked up as it is.

    It may be heating up during the day this week, but at night it’s still pretty damn cold, especially in cinderblock-enclosed rooms. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who is getting/going to get sick from this whole ordeal. For that reason alone, we ought to have Wednesday off to give our bodies a chance to get more sleep, get more food, and recover.

  2. LittleRed

    My grandma walked 15 miles barefoot in the snow to get to school. No internetz, no iPhone, just a few crackers.  All you do is whine…whine..whine.

  3. Ayn Rand

    So, 200 Church is evacuated, the dorms don’t have power, program house and woodframes have been freezing for days without power (and probably breaking water pipes). Sounds like everything’s ready to go for classes to start tomorrow.

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