Power’s Coming Back – ALL OVER THE PLACE! (SORT OF!)

Hey folks! Lights are popping on all around campus, including the peripheries. As of now, I know for certain that Buddhist House, Fountain, and Pine are lit up – and have heard that a number of other locations also have power. This post will be updated with specific locations as more news rolls in.

BZOD EDIT, 5:03 AM: By the way, if you didn’t see it yet, Zach added a gallery of photos from our adventures around campus. Check it out!

BZOD EDIT, 11:31 PM: Zach and I have finished our drive, and we’re currently interviewing refugees from 200 Church. Here’s the full update on power though, past the jump: 

STREETS WITH POWER (including program houses and senior houses:

  • Pine
  • Fountain
  • Lawn
  • Brainerd
  • Home
  • Vine
  • Cross (except for the places below)
  • Warren


  • Earth House
  • Malcolm X House
  • Full House/Writing House
  • Music House
  • Farm House
  • Buddhist House
As far as places WITHOUT power, here we go.
  • High Street (specific places listed below), including traffic lights
  • Pearl Street, between Wash and College (including 65 Pearl)
  • Court Street
  • Church Street (many parts)
  • Cross Street (between 145 Cross and the fire house)
  • Knowles
  • Long Lane
  • AAA House
  • 156 High Street
  • Russian House
  • Alpha Delt
  • Beta
  • Eclectic
  • Psi U
  • DKE
  • Lighthouse/Interfaith House
  • La Casa
  • Well Being House
  • The Bayit
  • Open House
  • 200 Church
  • Outhouse

Original Post:

BZOD EDIT, 10:53 PM: So, Zach and I are driving around to document which parts of campus now have power. This list will be updated as we go. Below, we have the list of streets that now have power:

  • Pine
  • Fountain
  • Lawn
  • Brainerd
  • Home
  • Vine

This includes program and senior houses on these streets. Reportedly, High Street does not yet have power as it is on a different grid, but this is not confirmed yet. The comment section also says that bits of Cross has power, while Knowles does not. Again, more updates as we move around more. [Plus, some photos from our travels around campus: “Students for Staff” meeting and various refugee setups in Exley, light-happy houses, downed trees.] [nggallery id=91]

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19 thoughts on “Power’s Coming Back – ALL OVER THE PLACE! (SORT OF!)

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    1. Anonymous

      Oh shit, sorry. With the exception of the parts that are on the campus grid (Allbritton, Olin, Exley, etc.) Church still seems to be out. We didn’t drive by Open House, but I assume it’s still dark. Any confirmation from someone in the area would be appreciated, however.

  2. Dana

    As Guestopher said, Home Ave, both sides of the street! Although I talked to a friend on High Street who says there is still no power there :(

  3. Guestopher


    At least, between Neon and the parking lot. Also Lawn and Home!

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