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Homecoming Weekend is off to a rollicking start, with parental units infesting the halls of PAC and “Oozdan” alike, slyly invading “the normal rhythms of our educational mission” with pride, joy, and extra socks from home. The official Homecoming Weekend university page is available here, with a registration page and schedule of events and exhibitions. (Coming up tonight: Randy Newman P ’14‘s benefit concert for the Green Street Arts Center. Sources confirm that Mr. Newman is already enjoying his preshow ritual snack of Caspian Sea Ossetra caviar and a glass of Château Latour Pauillac 1990 in the basement-level meditation room.) (Not really.)

Lizzie Manning ’13, the university’s homecoming “Social Media Intern,” writes in about a “Twitter site” on which she will be “tweeting” Homecoming/Family Weekend events all weekend long. Already, the twittersphere is atwitter (sorry) with the #wesleyan hashtagamajig:

The Twitter account @wesconnected, which is usually for alumni news is going to be used this weekend to tweet about everything happening during Homecoming/Family Weekend. There will be event updates, pictures, and basically everything applicable to HC/FW. Follow @wesconnected and if your parents are cool enough to tweet, tell them to as well! It’s a great way for distant parents to feel like they’re here and for on campus parents to confirm that that lecture on “Study Abroad: What Your Child Isn’t Telling You” is most definitely at 3. Also, I’m probably going to be posting hilarious quotes from tailgating alums and pictures of your friends so you won’t want to miss that. If you’re going to tweet about this weekend use the hashtag #wesleyan to generate some of that Twitter buzz.

WELCOME, PARENTS AND FAMILIES! Schedule here, register here, and Twitter here. We have electricity now!

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